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Credit issuing with KAPED allows banks to issue credit to people and businesses across the globe in compliance with their strict industry regulations by investing those funds into a Borrower Dependent Note with KAPED as the entity listed as the borrower which we then use that capital to issue credit on a global scale. It's a type of investment that we make as easy and rewarding as possible.

Creditworthy Borrowers

Browse several credit listings from approved creditworthy borrowers on KAPED

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Take your bank global by using KAPED to issue cards around the world

Diversify your portfolio
Diversify your portfolio by investing in a new asset class, Credit-as-an-Asset
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We use above industry security standards to stay PCI and SOC2 compliant.
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Program supports both Mastercard & Visa.

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Get worldwide recognition for supporting families and businesses around the world.

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Browse credit applications from credit-checked borrowers with various ratings and terms
Choose and fund the credit limits you wish to invest in with various amounts
Receive your monthly returns enrich your balance sheets to reinvest or keep on the books

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